As an international collaborative framework, Adaptive Environments is advancing cutting-edge research around spatial constructs and systems that are specifically designed to be adaptive to their surroundings and to their inhabitants. The creation and understanding of such adaptive environments spans the expertise of multiple disciplines, from architecture to design, from materials to urban research, from wearable technologies to robotics, from data mining to machine learning and from sociology to psychology. Focus is on interaction between human and non-human agents, with people being both the drivers and recipients of adaptivity as that is embedded into environments. The focus is also on design, from the inception to the development and to the operation of adaptive environments, while considering digital technologies as underpinning the experimental and every-day implementations in this area. MORE INFO

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21th April, 13:00h, UX within Systems of Spatial User Interaction

21th April, 13:00h, UX within Systems of Spatial User Interaction

Milica Pavlovic, KU Leuven

Milica Pavlovic is a postdoctoral research associate at the eMedia Lab, working on design research projects for tangible and embodied interactions for various applications. Milica holds a PhD degree in Interaction..

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