28-29 March Henriette Bier participates as invited speaker at Architecture + Environment 2: New Environments Symposium, TU Vienna

The quest for saving the biosphere of Earth from accumulative and accelerating human impact in the so-called age of the Anthropocene brings with it significant efforts in research across many disciplines to meet complex and dynamic challenges. One key aspect in this quest is the advancement of the notion of ‘environment’ in terms of what is meant by it and how to support it accordingly. For architects, urban designers and landscape architects the question arises whether architecture could be in the service of the bio-physical environment.

This symposium collects together various disciplines, knowledge fields, approaches, expertise and methods that together can contribute to this effort. This includes human and environment relations, biology and ecology, urban metabolism, industrial ecology, architecture and environment interactions, the role of data, surveying and sensing, as well as technological advances that enable human-designed adaptive environments.

Second in a series of symposia that are organized in collaboration between the Technical University in Vienna and the Technical University in Munich, this event seeks to set the scene for advancing inter- and transdisciplinary efforts in rethinking the notion of environment and the role of constructions and their interaction with it.


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