Cornell University, USA

Cornell University is an American private Ivy League and land-grant doctoral university located in Ithaca, New York and in New York City. The university is ranked top-20 in the QS World University Rankings. At Cornell, within the academic units of Design + Environmental Analysis and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, the Architectural Robotics Lab focuses on the design and evaluation of, specifically, robotic built environments. The novelty of the lab lies in its recognition of the physical, built environment, from furniture to the metropolis, as a next frontier of computing and design.

The Architectural Robotics Lab is home to human-centered, trans-disciplinary research teams sufficiently complex in composition to address problems and opportunities in an increasingly digital society. The lab strives to realize “cyber-human-physical ecosystems” that cultivate interactions across people and their surroundings that define places of social, cultural and psychological significance.

Keith Evan Green is director of the ARCHITECTURAL ROBOTICS LAB and professor of design (DEA) and mechanical engineering (MAE) at Cornell University. With frequent support of the U.S. National Science Foundation, Green and his lab strives to realize the kinds of cyber-physical systems that cultivate interactions across people and their surroundings that define places of social, cultural and psychological significance. Widely published in IEEE and ACM journals and proceedings, Green is also the author of a recent book for MIT Press, Architectural Robotics: Ecosystems of Bits, Bytes and Biology (2016). Green earned B.A., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.Arch. from the University of Illinois at Chicago. (Keith Evan Green's homepage)

Carlos Araujo de Aguiar is a Cornell Ph.D. student in Design and Environmental Analysis (DEA) from Rio de Janeiro. Prior to Cornell, Carlos earned a master of computational design at University of Washington. Carlos is exploring how distributed, responsive systems can foster place attachment in human inhabitants. In the lab, his research focuses on EnAct, a responsive, cyber-physical, urban public space accommodating (especially) elders. Carlos is also contributing to the development of the home+ project enabling aging in place, such that his broader aim is to make a more capacious living environment for older people both inside and outside their homes. When not in the lab, Carlos enjoys reading science fiction novels and practicing yoga and meditation.

Gauri Jain is a Cornell undergraduate pursuing Electrical Engineering. She is from San Jose, California and is very interested in design and robotics. As a lover of both software and hardware engineering, Gauri hopes to learn more about robotics design and construction as a member of this lab, and tangibly improve lives through her work in engineering. In her spare time, Gauri also sings with the Cornell University Chorus, is a member of the Seismic Design Project Team, and likes to play sports and to be outdoors.

Sophie Lan is a Cornell undergraduate pursuing computer science. She became interested in the Architectural Robotics Lab after learning about the LIT ROOM and cyberPLAYce; the concept of engaging students in learning by interacting with a cyber-physical environment appeals to her because she loves working with elementary-aged children. In the lab, Sophie is focused on machine learning of human-robot activity patterns for implementation in the lab’s intelligent environments. Outside the lab, Sophie is violinist with the Cornell Symphony Orchestra.

Liheng (Henry) Li is a Cornell undergraduate majoring in Electrical & Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. At Marvell Technologies, Liheng was a software development intern contributing to the Bluetooth Smart Home project. His academic interests mainly focus on software development and embedded systems. In the lab, he specifically contributes to the implementation of software functionalities for the “home+” project. Outside the lab, he loves watching sports and playing basketball.

Conrad McCarthy is a Cornell undergraduate from Longmeadow, MA studying Mechanical Engineering (MAE). This past summer, Conrad worked for Cornell's Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Instructional Labs during which he discovered his passion for design. He hopes his experience in the lab will further develop his knowledge and skill in robotics and stimulate his own product ideas. On campus, he is Vice President of Spark Product and Industrial Design and a member of Cornell's Sprint Football Team. In his free time, Conrad enjoys being outdoors and playing guitar.

Audrey Tirtohadiguno is a Cornell undergraduate pursuing a BSc in Design and Environmental Analysis. Interested in the interrelationship between people, architecture and technology, she is primarily contributing to the lab's home+ project. Audrey comes from Indonesia and enjoys traveling, writing and app design. Her dream is to be able to share and apply the ideas she gains through research to improve people’s living conditions in the rest of the world.

Yixiao Wang is a Ph.D. student in Design and Environmental Analysis (DEA) at Cornell. Prior to Cornell, Yixiao earned a master of architecture at UC Berkeley and worked with ASAP (Buffalo) and Marc Fornes & Theverymany (New York) on the "Chrysalis Amphitheatre" project in Merriweather Park, Columbia, MD. For as long as Yixiao can remember, he's been passionate about tinkering with computers, electronics and design. In the lab, his specific research focus is the development and tesitng of a robotics embedded room serving as a partner with human inhabitants undertaking creative activities. Outside the lab, Yixiao plays piano and reads novels.