University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, Australia

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Dagmar Reinhardt is a practising architect, researcher and educator. Reinhardt leads the robotics research group and the Master of Digital Architecture Research stream and at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning, The University of Sydney, and her design research studios are regularly awarded the prestigious National Student Award for Structural Innovation and for Digital Innovation by the AIA Institute of Architects, Sydney, NSW. Lecturing internationally, she was the Foundational Program Director of the Bachelor of Architecture and Environments (BAE, 2014-2018). As a practising architect, her built works, competitions and installations are research-based, widely published and have received numerous recognitions and awards for affordable and multi-generational residential works (

Reinhardt’s research focuses on the intersection and integration of architecture, acoustics, structure, robotics, fabrication, material and constructions constraints into design and interdisciplinary collaborations. She investigates opportunities for leveraging robotic fabrication methods to adapt geometry, materiality and construction methods within design technology, so new solutions become available for the difficult relationship between human labour and construction automation in the building trades. Reinhardt leads two substantial industry and state-government funded projects on new robotic applications for workspace scenarios, and for safer and healthier construction work environments. As associate editor of the Springer Journal of Construction Robotics, she networks the Australian section. Reinhardt is currently writing a book on ‘Design Robotics’ that bridge robotic approaches between construction robotics, social robots, and collaborative and creative robotics.